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The Top 3 Most Common Weight Loss Myths That I Hear

#overcomingtheodds fitness life coaching nutrition weight loss Jan 16, 2023
JP Bolwahnn coaching

With my next Men's Group starting next week and a big part of it is about nutrition, I wanted to share the most common weight loss myths I hear with you guys.  

  1. Carbs make you fat
  2. I have to do a crazy amount of exercise to lose weight.
  3. I can outwork my diet

Every one of those statements is false.   

If you haven't cracked the code on nutrition or want to be leaner then I highly encourage you guys to check out my "Warrior Ready" program that starts next week.  It's a Men's coaching program where we meet weekly on zoom.   We cover everything from nutrition, mindset, habits, and accountability, and all in a group format.   

Go to to learn more.   

Thank you for listening and LET'S GO!!!

If this resonated with you or you would like to know more about how we can work together so that we can unlock the highly effective person within you, schedule a call with me now! 

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